Limited-Time Summer Special


Summer is just a few weeks away...


Are you filled with panic over all that you still have to do before then? Let me help you get your business to-do list under control. Perfect for those that want a digital detox over the summer but still have so many things they need to get done first!

I am offering a pre-summer special valid (to book in) before end of June, 2017.  Not sure what you could delegate?

Blog posts, social media updates or graphics, SEO research, keyword research, google apps set up, email newsletter set up, Social media group management, editing and email management - these are just a few of the things I offer my current long term clients.

This is ideal for those niggly tasks that take you a long time but you suspect an expert multi-tasker like me could whisk through them. 

I am an administrative consultant (think Virtual assistant!) who helps Japan-based entrepreneurs and overachievers like you to get organized and get all their ducks in a row so that they can run their business smoothly and more efficiently. This helps to free up their time so they can focus on the things they enjoy doing and the things that bring money into their business. 

A lot of people running their own businesses feel completely overwhelmed with all the administrative tasks they have to do in order to run a successful company - they crave balance which is hard to get when you work for yourself.

Experience the feeling of being in control of your business, knowing that everything in the background is taken care of, so that you can get back to the poolside!



Offer Pricing & Fine Print

This offer starts at ¥10,000 (+8% tax for residents of Japan) and increases in increments of ¥10,000 depending on the complexity of the job and how urgently you need it completed.

Once we have agreed on the task(s) you will be sent an invoice as well as instructions for how to send in the work you need done.

Payment in full is required before the job starts. 

This offer is valid for purchase until June 30th.

Your project will need to be able to be completed by July 31st. I'm happy to talk to you about ongoing support from September, after the summer vacation. However, there is no ongoing commitment if you purchase one of these offers, it can be a short and sweet deal if that's all you need!

It is your responsibility to provide me with the materials, data, admin access, etc, that your project requires, in a timely fashion. Projects will be handled in order of receipt, if your job is a priority please make sure I have all I need to do it for you. 

I reserve the right to request further payment for additional blocks of time should the project prove more difficult than first expected. Extra charges will be calculated at the hourly rate of ¥6000 + 8% tax (my hourly rate for larger packages is ¥5000 +8% tax but for short term, rate is adjusted). You will be informed immediately should this scenario arise but I can tell you it's rare.

I'm happy to provide you with any further information you need.