General Background

I am an Australian native living and raising a family in Japan and keeping on top of everything they need has kept my organizational skills at their best. I have always been an organized person but raising three kids in a country that is not my own means I have had to have systems and help in place to make sure everything gets done.

My love affair with Japan started in my final year of high school when I met a Japanese exchange student studying abroad. This led me to study Japanese, public relations and journalism at university and also led me to Japan where I spent a year studying abroad in Tokyo. During my year abroad I met my husband, my Japanese skills skyrocketed (as he did not speak English) and I proceeded to go back to Australia, finish my degree, while working full-time in order to get enough money together to move back to Japan (after a little jaunt through Europe). Fast forward 10 years and I now have three young sons, a husband and a house in Chiba.

Before I had my children I worked in a variety of industries (in both Australia and Japan) including : Queensland Government, University of Queensland, tour liaison, education, publishing and event planning. All of these jobs used my administration skills, interpersonal skills, project management skills, planning skills, research skills and some of them used my Japanese skills as well.

Why the business?

I like helping people. It sounds corny, but it is true. Someone has a problem and I like to help them try to fix it. This desire coupled with my administration, research and organizational skills means that administration consultation or personal assistance for small business owners, educational professionals, entrepreneurs and busy mama's is a way that I can combine all of my skills. Chances are, if I can't do what you are asking of me I will know someone that does or be able to find you a top-notch person for the job.

Why the name Full Circle Consulting?

My name, Marushima, has the Chinese kanji character for circle/round in it and I feel like my business can offer the full and complete package, no matter what you are after.

Fun facts

  • When I met my husband he spoke next to no English and claimed to have only ever spoken to one other non-Japanese person before. We spent a year in Australia before we got married and he went to English school for a little while. His Aussie English improved a lot and now, while he tends not to speak much English, his listening skills are quite good.
  • I like chocolate, wine, coffee, fresh flowers and my iphone. Not necessarily in that order.
  • I have only been to 16 different countries but hope to double that amount by the time I am 50.
  • I am from Brisbane, Australia originally but no longer have any immediate family living there.
  • I have a love of children's books. Our house is overflowing with them (but in an organized way, of course!)
  • I quite like to cook, but despite my love of organization, I do not measure things while cooking. Ever.