See what other lovely business owners are saying about working with me.

“I love working with Laura, she is both laid back and professional. I have known her for years and she has always been super efficient and got the job done promptly. She is my go-to girl whenever I need an extra pair of hands as I’m confident that I can leave the job with her and I know it will get done.”

— Jo Ebisujima,




"Last year, I began working with Laura.  It was a year of investing in myself; in training, in learning, in taking care of myself and in support.  It's now been a year and I'm wholeheartedly grateful for having Laura in my team.  As my business grows, Laura has been with me all the way.  She now knows more about me, my working style and my creative business. She's always open and honest and we work around each other's schedules with ease.  She keeps tabs on what I need done and by when.  She provides an extra pair of eyes and extra pair of hands.  And heaps of useful suggestions.  She helps me with my emails and keeping track of follow ups and finances.  She's a trusted voice in our local community. She's the mama of three beautiful boys. I have incredible respect for the work she does and how she devotes time to her work.  With just the right balance of personal warmth and professional practice, she helps me focus on my creative work however she can. No cape. But basically superwoman.  Ask for help. Take the help.  The two things I'm learning and loving to keep life and work humming beautifully. And Laura is someone you definitely want in your corner to support you in doing just that."

—  Divya Marie Kato, Artist & Author, When In Doubt, Draw,

“Laura actually hired me to help launch her administrative consulting business. After just one chat I could see that she had definitely chosen the right career - she was giving me advice and suggestions for things to delegate! Working with her was an amazing experience because she just does things at such an incredible speed and with such accuracy. I am secretly thrilled she’s doing this - for the selfish reason that I cannot wait to hire her myself! ”

— Jacqui Miyabayashi,


                                                                                "Laura is my right arm. From the beginning she has sensed what I need, delivered consistently and her work is of high quality. She doesn't judge me, moreover works with me. She understands my weaknesses and supports my strength. She is always one step ahead of me and she contracts with clarity . She is an Integral part of my business. She communicates directly and appropriately and shares my successes and cheers me on. She predicts my needs and my deadlines and keeps my schedule on point.  

It's also good fun working with Laura. I admire her enormously. Her organizational skills are legendary. She can pick up and run with crazy ideas and crazy deadlines, without complaint. I trust her absolutely. Among the practical things she has done for me is: set up my scheduling system, built my website, collected all documents and registration for business to business contracts, designed contracts, managed logistics and relationships with both b2b and b2c relationships and more. I trust her implicitly - she had all my passwords and manages the back end of my business like a pro. She is a pro!"

— Sarah Furuya,

“ I've been using Laura's services for 18 months and I can't imagine doing what I'm doing without her now. She knows what needs to be done before it's mentioned and takes care of any tasks straightaway with great professionalism. She is a good sounding-board for new ideas and takes a genuine interest. It's a pleasure to have her involved.

— Stephanie Kawai,


“Laura is fabulous to work with. She is kind and intuitive, smart and proactive. I was introduced to Laura by Sarah Furuya in 2017 as I was in the midst of preparing to launch my “lawpreneur” solo law practice. It was easy to relate to Laure as she is so open and welcoming and we hit it off immediately. Laura set to work to help me find the site to choose domain, she introduced me to the person who pitched for my logo design, I got the best website design team through Laura, and she also arranged my new business cards. All these things I could not have done without Laura as I had to concentrate on building rapport and bring in clients. Laura’s superpower is that she can sense my needs and see round corners. She is great at project management, putting business cards in a CRM tool for me, keeping me on track with reminders and prompts, and all the things you need an excellent admin support person to be thinking about for you. Laura now continues to help me with my monthly invoices and set up the automatic invoicing system and every time I see an invoice on her template I feel proud to be sending her art to my clients. 

And not to forget, Laura is totally discreet. This is really important for me due the ethical requirements I have as a lawyer. My every day is better at work knowing I have the magical Laura as part of my team.”

- Catherine O’Connell,


“What a difference it makes to have Laura's organizational skills and go-to-it-ness on my side! Whether it is invoicing and scheduling or creating web content and supporting materials, she stays on top of my business and seems to have things done before I even ask for it. She’s been great with follow-up and making sure I’m on top of the important things on my calendar. I also value her input when I need a fresh perspective on client issues or new opportunities. With her support over the last two years, I can let go of some pieces of my work and focus on what I love the best. Those free hours are a real gift!”

-MaryAnne Jorgensen,


“Laura did an amazing job as my podcast manager. She would keep ME on task and helped me to see what else was possible. She always knew exactly how to execute her work and did so on time, every time. I like how she took initiative and used her judgement to make decisions when necessary. Her experience, speed and efficiency make her a great choice for people who need help now, or who have never worked with an online assistant before. Go for quality! Go for Laura!”

-Jayne Nakata Life Coach and Retreat Co-ordinator & Creator of Transformations with Jayne Podcast

“Laura was recommended to me by a close friend and I was very impressed with the work that she did for me. She was extremely easy to work with; proactive, quick to respond, flexible and thorough. She would also take on any research related tasks when needed, offer bilingual support and assistance including phone calls and emails, and liaising with other business partners. We loved having Laura as part of the team, and will be using her again for projects whenever we have a need.”

- Julia Maeda customized tour & experiences coordinator,